Item Terms

Please read before purchase 

Due to the nature of our business many
on the items for sale on the online store are also for sale on multiple
platforms. In the very unlikely event of an item being purchased
simultaneous we will immediately contact you with our utmost apologies
and issue you with a full refund. 

In the interest of both parties, it's
important to remember that many of the items sold are very old. The item
purchased is always given with the most honest description and images
to help you decide if the condition is appropriate for what you are
looking for.  If you are unsure, or are looking for a perfect item we
strongly advise you to contact us before purchase, or visit us in
person so you can inspect the items you wish to buy. 

Payment must be paid immediately after
purchase. Anyone wishing to purchase an item but can not pay straight
away, must contact us via the ‘contact us’ link at the bottom of the
page before purchase.

All item pictures are taken under bright
white product photography lighting. Although we always try to show the
products colours to the best of ability, on occasions it is possible
that the colours in the picture might slightly differ from the actual. 

Condition Guide 

The condition is always described taking
into account the age of the item. For example, is the item in a certain
condition considering it's ‘x’ amount of years old.

Mint - No damage, like new. 

Excellent - No damage. Possibly some very light fading or light crazing. 

Very good - No damage. Some fading,  heavy crazing, foxing, etc. 

Good - There may be some damage. However this will be either very small, difficult to see,  hidden from sight or repaired.

Poor - Damaged. There will be something wrong with the item which may significantly effect the item use. 

​​​​​​​Very poor - Item is more or less unusable. Scrap.