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Antique French Mahogany Le Taxiphote / Stereo Viewer World War 1 Slides Job Lot

Antique French Mahogany Le Taxiphote / Stereo Viewer World War 1 Slides Job Lot

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Antique French Mahogany Le Taxiphote / Stereo Viewer World War 1 Slides Job Lot 

Taxiphote Circa - 1900

The taxiphote is marked with the manufactures name - Richard Freris of Paris. 

A stunning example of French manufactured Taxiphote or Stereo Viewer with all the original cabinet drawers, 8 cartridge trays for slides and a collection of approximately 110 glass positive slides. The entire mechanism is housed within a polished Mahogany case. 

Developed by Jules Richard (1848-1930) “Le Taxiphote” is a mechanical tabletop stereo viewer. This device is the most technically sophisticated of all the stereo-viewers Richard invented, much evolved from the hand-held stereoscopes most families had in their homes. All these devices involve two photographs taken from approximately the distance between our eyes so that when looking through the viewer, the two images merged into a single three-dimensional image. Richard’s camera for making stereograms was called a “Verascope,” patented in 1893. A few years later in 1899, he patented the first model for the viewing stereo-slides, which he called “Le Taxiphote,” sold well into the 1930s.

The sale includes an amazing array of extremely rare first world war photos (approx 75) along with some pictures all of the same family (approx 35). 
The family photos show all of the same people over and over again, so it is likely that one of them was a French WWI officer and the photos he took of War were kept amongst the family collection. It might have been possible that he was a French First World War photography that would be used to capture evidence of deaths and battle scenes, etc, and these were images he never handed in. Every picture of War has been marked with the location of where the photo was taken, followed by a series of numbers (could be squadron numbers). Some images are also dated.

I have take pictures of a small selection of photos to show the sort of thing you will be buying. 
Most feature French troops in and around trenches, but as a WARNING, there are some particularly graphic images showing the true extent of the horrors of war, including corpse ridden battle fields, shallow graves and injuries. 

The mechanism is fully working perfect order and ready to use.
An incredible piece of war and social history.

33cm X 33cm 
Height 50cm 

Condition - Very good. One glass slide has a small chip. Light scuffs and scratches. 

Item No, 3055

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